Saturday, July 29, 2017

Family History Ancestor Questions

There are plenty of templates out there for asking questions to existing family members about their ancestors. 

In the past, I mentioned one site that helped me put together some key questions to research Idris and Iris Davies, my paternal grandparents.

A couple of months ago I put together a simpler template of questions that I sent out to all the family members who knew Ernest Frederick Hilton, my maternal grandfather. 

I've received a couple of these back but there are some family members who are holding out on me! So in an effort to jog their memory and share my own approach I figured I would post the questions here.

General Information

Name of person answering:

Relation to ancestor:

Name of Ancestor:

Name of ancestors parents and siblings:

General Facts

Birth Date:


Date of death:

Physical appearance


Hair colour:

Eye colour:

Anything else distinctive?


What was their favourite food?

What was their favourite pastime? (Do you remember anything significant about this.)

What did they like to read (If anything)?

What is your favourite memory of them, when did it happen?

What are some things you did together and when?

Can you share one funny story?

Can you share one serious story?

What was your favourite thing about them?


Do you have any photographs of them or memorabilia you can send back?

**** I've been pleasantly surprised with some of the details remembered, and with the photographs and other records family members have rediscovered. I'll be sharing those in future blogs.