Monday, July 16, 2012

Family Help

Last Thursday my Uncle went to visit the grave sites of my Nanna and Granddad. While there he found an attendant who was able to find my Great Grandparents graves as well. I'm so thankful for this as I am not in England anymore and unable to visit possible sites. Another friend of mine is trying to locate the graves of my Great Great Grandparents in Binbrook, Lincolnshire. We're not positive they are there but we think they may be.

Here are the pictures.

The top half is really difficult to read but I believe it says:

"Ada Mildred Wright, Died 6th Oct 1958 Aged 64 years. 
George Ernest Wright, Died 7th Jan 1962 Aged 77 years.

Below are the two pictures my Uncle sent of my Grandparents graves.

These say:

"May Hilton 1921-2001. 

Beloved Wife, mother and


"Ernest Hilton 1923-2003.

Beloved husband, father and grandad"

It did bring back to mind a memory of my Nanna. They have also, coincidentally, made me aware that I spell Nanna wrong but I can't break the habit of a life time.

When I was a young teenager I remember commenting to Nanna about how much work she seemed to do for other people. Nanna was the type of person who was always visiting friends who might be sick, lending a helping hand if she could. She said, "I've never understood these people who don't look after others while they're alive and then spend all their time at the graves trying to make them look pretty. You do everything you can for someone while they're here and after they are dead what more can you do?!"

Now that I'm tracing family history I would like to say that I do see the importance of keeping Graves clean and readable but I loved my Nanna's attitude, I like to think it has affected how I act today.
Nanna was a hard worker who didn't like to stop. She suffered with Leukemia for a long time and the Doctors told her she had to rest. We used to live in the same town as my grandparents and once when they came to visit Granddad said something along the lines of,

"You'll never guess what I caught her doing."

"What?" We all exclaimed!

"Trimming the hedge with a pair of scissors."

My Nanna replied somewhat sheepishly, "Well the Doctor said I couldn't use the hedge trimmer and it needed to be cut."

I hope I have inherited half of her character and work ethic. If so, I'll do well in this life and the next.


  1. Your Nanna sounds like a lovely person.
    It is nice to have friends and family that will acquire the cemetery photos for you.
    Theresa (Tangled Trees)

    1. Thanks for your thoughts Theresa. I am blessed to come from family on both sides that are great people:)