Sunday, January 6, 2013

Motivation Monday - Genealogy goals for 2013

I think it will be a good thing for me to post my genealogy goals for the new year. My hope is it will help keep me accountable. So here goes:

1) I wish to write 24 genealogy posts in 2013.This means two a month. My aim is to post every other Friday starting Friday 11th January.

2) This past year I 'completed' a series on Iris Davies Nee Griffiths. My Grandma on the paternal side. I say completed loosely, for there will always be stories to add. In the coming year I wish to complete a similar series on my Grandad Idris Davies while adding to the ones I've created about Iris.

3) I will compile the stories about Idris into a family history book for my Dad. This past year I did the same thing for Iris and a blog will soon be forthcoming about that.

4) I will try and discover when my great grandad George Ernest Hilton was in the British Navy. I've already posted some leads but so far there are no hard facts just rumors passed on down through the family line.

5) Read Gerald Griffiths book. Gerald is a descendant of my Great Grandad Harold Griffiths brother. He's recently created a biography of his life for his Children. He sent me a copy and I am sure there are things in there that may relate to my great grandfather Harold or his parents.

6) I will try and locate the Umtali newspaper articles about my dad and his life saving procedure the day after he was born.

7) I will scan and upload to the cloud all family photo's and documents that I have in my possession.

And that already looks like quite alot. I am really excited about the additional interviews that I will have to conduct to learn about my Grandad Idris and I am sure I will discover alot of stories I am currently unaware of!

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