Friday, February 24, 2017

New Photographic Discoveries: Great Uncle, David John Davies

Following on from yesterday, today I take a look at all the photographs I gained of David John Davies my great uncle. Not to be confused with David John Davies my great great uncle. The younger one was named after the older by his father, Price Davies.

Until I researched Redemption Tidings I had the following pictures of David John.

David John (Left), Glyndwr (Center) Idris (Right) Date: Circa 1940

David John and his father Price Davies. Date: Unknown

I am now able to add the following photographs to those two.

David John (Front row, second from left) 1938

Not a picture of him obviously :) But a church he pastored in Donington, U.K. 1955

David John first man on the right. 1957

David John (Second from left) and wife Elizabeth receiving flowers. 1959

David John. Man in glasses at the back. 1959

David John, third from left. 1959

David John, first on the left. Baptismal event. 1960

David John, second from right. 1965

David John, front left. 1967

David John, front left. 1971
I feel fortunate to have pictures from his younger years and older years. There are many stories behind them, but I'm still piecing those together. 


Pictures used with permission of David Gee foundation and AOG U.K


  1. Wow. You are blessed to have so many pictures of this one family member. Do you have a lot of pictures for other members of your family as well? What are you going to do with the pictures you have collected?

    1. I have quite a few of Harold now, but much less on my mothers side. I have a few plans for those I have collected. I am planning out a physical family history book, so the pictures will be included in that. I will also be putting them on pinterest on a page I have there.

  2. Congratulations on your photo haul! There's nothing more exciting in family history research.