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The Death of Julia Edith Gwynne

In my last post I traced Julia and her new husband's path to America. Due to world war 2 they were not finally together again until 1947. An accounting of her earlier life and role in the early Pentecostal movement within the United Kingdom can also be found.

I assume that Julia and her new husband George settled somewhere near 232 Chestnut Street. Kingston. PA. This is what George listed as his address in 1939 upon reentry to the United States.

On October 19th 1961 the Department of Health for the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania issued a death certificate for Julia Edith Gwynne.

Death Occurred In: Clarks Summit State Hospital Lackawana, Newton Twp(1), PA.
Deceased's Mailing Address: 90 Belmont Street, Carbondale, PA
Name Of Deceased: Julia Edith Gwynne
Date Of Death: October 19th 1961
Where Did Deceased Actually Live?: Lackawanna county, Pennsylvania
Did Deceased Live In A Township?: No, deceased lived within actual limits of Carbondale city or borough.
Sex: F
Color Or Race: W
Married: Yes
Date of Birth: 6/10/1880
AGE (In years last birthday): 81
Usual Occupation: H'wife
Social Security Number: None
Birthplace: South Wales
Citizen Of What Country: Wales
Full Name Of Spouse: George E. Gwynne
Mother's Maiden Name: Not known
Father's Name: Enos Davis
Informant's Name And Address: 90 Belmont Street, Carbondale, Pennsylvania, George E. Gwynne
Death was caused by - Immediate Cause: Broncho Pneumonia (Right)
Arteriosclerosis (generalized)(2)Was Autopsy Performed: Yes
I hereby certify that I attended the above named deceased and that death occurred from the causes and on the date stated above at 5:15am E.S.T.
Signature: Ben Kline, MD
Clarks Summit State Hospital
Date Signed: 10/19/61
Date: 10/21/1961
Name Of Cemetery: Maplewood
Location: Carbondale, Lackawanna, PA.
Date Received By Reg: 10/21/1961
Registrar's Signature: Alyce Burke

So what did I learn from this? Quite a few things which are really useful.

1. I have an address of where they lived together in Pennsylvannia. This will allow me and others in the future to continue research based on census' etc. when they are released. It also means I can do a google search and see if the house or complex is still standing.

2. Julia lived for 81 years. In some ways this means more because I know that she and George had a good portion of life together after World War 2 threatened to keep them apart.

3. We know that George was still alive at the time of Julia's death. I also have his death certificate.

4. We know how she died. Bronchial Pneumonia. I assume that the word "Right" written after this cause means it was in the right lung, but I am not positive.

5. We know the cemetery Julia was buried in. I haven't done a thorough search for this yet, but I am hopeful that I may be able to locate the graves. It certainly is a lot more information to go on that I have even for some of my direct ancestors.

So there we have it. The death of Julia Edith Gwynne.

(1) Twp stands for Township.
(2) Thickening of the arteries, preventing strong blood flow.

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