Friday, June 8, 2012


As I determined to start discovering my families history and ancestry I sent some quick emails to my Uncle Michael and a certain Roy Davies. I'm not sure at this stage how Roy is related to me but I think he's my Dad's cousin. I know it's terrible that I don't even know that yet but I shall and you shall hear about it when I figure it out!

Roy has a lot of information from my Dad's side but has not yet sent me the details though he will! On the other hand, my Uncle sent me an email with birth dates and names of my mums side of the family. My Grandad - Ernest Frederick Hilton was born in Tamworth and it appears his family lived there for a good 150 years before he moved. I know that one of his sisters is still alive and sends me a Birthday card every year. She's amazing! They still live in Tamworth although my Grandad moved to Cleethorpes in the North East of England where my mum was born.

I've published the family tree that my Uncle has put together. It can be found here:

My Uncle sent another interesting tidbit. I'll quote him,

"It would appear that the Hilton's started in Tamworth but some finished in the Workhouse and from there were sent to Wolverhampton area to work in terrible conditions as locksmiths in back to back houses before returning when that industry started to decline."
So I'm happy; the journey has started and hopefully I can help add to what my Uncle has already discovered!

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