Monday, June 4, 2012

Venturing Forth

An old friend of mine started blogging about his family one day. When I say his family, I mean his extended family, as in extending into the past. His blogs fascinated me. You see it was a genealogy blog. He was searching into his families past and putting together a history that would otherwise have been forgotten. I never told him this but I am pretty sure I loved the short stories he would share almost as much as he did. You see, until he uncovered the tales of his ancestors they were a mystery. In my eyes, genealogy is like that. Gradually, over time you peel back the pages of this novel and discover the mystery within. Only instead of starting from the beginning and reading forwards, you're starting from a point somewhere (hopefully) in the middle of the book and reading backwards.

Orson Scott Card wrote a book called "Pastwatch." In Pastwatch historians of the future would watch history happen through a machine that allowed you to view the past. Some of them chose to focus on a particular individual and watch their life backwards, seeing the events before the causes. This idea fascinates me!

So I've decided to join my friend and hopefully discover some of the tall tales of my own ancestors. This blog is dedicated to such findings. I'll let you know everything; from starting out on the genealogy journey, conversations with family members and maybe you will catch the bug too. Perhaps you're like me? You're thinking how the heck do I start to find my families genealogy? Where do I start? I've often found the best thing to do in such situations is to dive right in. That's what I'm doing. I truly hope you have as much fun reading this as I do sharing it!

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